Why Us

We provide a range of consulting, development, training, support& maintenance plans with different response times and SLAs to support small, medium and 24×7 enterprise business systems to ensure maximum availability of networks, devices and applications.

Member of Open Source Industry Australia and active contributor to the Open Source Community. We deliver enterprise grade Business Systems built on Open Source Software with zero or near zero licensing costs.
Open Source Software Libraries for Oracle Java, Java FX, Java EE, Java Web Start.

Myob Developer Partner. Developer of the Open Source Myob API Java SDK.

Great America IT is a global technology consulting firm that delivers a wide array of solutions to clients across the globe. It takes a reliable, innovative partner to design and implement solutions that enable businesses to do business better – regardless of their industry, geography, or maturity.

Efficient, performance-driven and cost-effective technology infrastructure can be the differentiator that makes businesses hugely successful and enables them to focus more on their core services and products. We understand your business and help you revitalize your current processes with the help of technology.

By putting together the right technical skills and management expertise coupled with agile development process, we are passionate about helping our clients in developing their software products efficiently and cost effectively within the Mobile, Analytics and Cloud and Enterprise software arena leveraging our broad technology expertise. We have stringent quality assurance processes in place to make sure we deliver the products of highest quality. Post-delivery we ensure the customers are provided online or onsite support depending upon the complexity of the problems and projects.